May. 16th, 2017

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 And here I thought I'd be keeping a running total all during Camp. I haven't, so I really need to update then move on. Camp NaNo was a success for me. I started with a goal of 40,000 words with the intention of writing the entire novella. This was a little unreasonable for me, so I knocked it down to 25,000 words midway. I was still writing slower than I intended, so I dropped it down to 20,000 words, and I made that goal. It's half of my original goal, so I'm still pleased with myself. The story isn't finished yet, but I'm still tinkering with it.

Now it's midway through May, and I'm starting to look toward writing again. I'd been focused on editing these past two weeks, and it's been taking a toll on me. I still have editing projects to do--three of them--but I've been craving writing time too. So, here I am. Also, in the beginning of May, I decided to write what I've called the A-Z writing challenge, which is writing a short story a week with the theme that starts with the letter of the week. It starts in June. I created a Facebook group for people who wanted to participate, and I thought I'd rope in maybe 5-6 people, but there are nearly 80 participants already and it's only be open for ten days. We start in June, so I've been writing down ideas of potential themes with synopses if one comes to me.

One of my synopsis for a theme morphed from a short story into a six-part novelette collection, which was a little surprising but fun to watch grow.

Even though I want to focus on short stories for the rest of the year to practice writing entire stories--and boost my writing skills--I don't want to let my other projects just sit. My goal each week is to write one short story between 2,000 and 5,000 words, with an average goal of 3,500 words, AND to write 500 words for my current WIP. In this case, I'll finish my Camp WIP, the first in a cozy mystery series, then move on to another, which will probably be the novelette series since those are shorter than novels (and novellas). Ideally, I want to finish the six-part series before the end of the year and look toward publication. [Each priced at $1.99, but bundled together for $5.99 or so.]

Elzu and I have also started our literary magazine too, which is awesome. We're still in the beginning stages, so there's not much to report. I'm woefully behind on my tasks to write the permanent pages for the website, though. I'll have to add this to my monthly + weekly update posts.

Which are coming soon!

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 I don't want to set myself up for failure and call this a May goals post since half of the month (more than half) has passed. So, mid-month it is.
  1. Finish Scrivener tutorial.
  2. Write down all potential topics/themes for the A-Z challenge..
  3. Set up the A-Z challenge in Scrivener -- the challenge is one project, and each letter gets its own folder. Since there will be two stories per folder, I'll just nest the stories in them. I want to set it up in advance, though, for easy access.
  4. Write 2,000 words for Cozy 1.
  5. Read 2 books and review on Goodreads.
  6. Edit two manuscripts. [Liz's and Paul's] Return them.
  7. Set up in Scrivener the 6-part novelette series and start to plan each story in more detail.
  8. Write the permanent pages for literary magazine website.

That's still kind of a lot to do. Fortunately, the first couple won't take too long. I'm nearly halfway finished with the tutorial now already. Setting up the challenge in Scrivener won't take long either. Still, I better get moving. Weekly goal post coming soon.

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 I've already lost a day (Monday), so I'm working with 6 days. That's all right. :) 

  1. Finish Scrivener tutorial.
  2. Write 2 permanent pages for website.
  3. Write 1,000 words for Cozy 1.
  4. Brainstorm 10 letters for challenge.
  5. Write 2 synopses for challenge (preferably A and B).
  6. Read one book and review.
  7. 50% edits for Liz.
  8. 100% edits for Paul.


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