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 February is halfway over, and I'm wondering where all this time is going. Certainly, not in my writing projects! Here are some updates!
  • I'm on book 12 of the year. (And I'm over halfway through with it.) This is the penultimate book in the cozy series.
  • I actually started editing the client's manuscript - about time, too. I was asked to copy edit, but after taking a closer look, I saw it needed a little more than that. I'm dipping into line editing territory. I'm nearly on page 40, which, in two days, is pretty good for me. [My goal is to get to page 60 before going to bed tonight.] I need to edit at least 20 pages a day to finish on time. *yikes*
  • I started planning my own cozy mystery series - about the English teacher. I'm having a lot of fun with it too. I need to have that all planned by Sunday, so I can start writing the short story.
  • For now, I've shelved the children's adventure story. I'll pick it up later this year when I can figure out what it's missing.

And, of course, where would I be without my goals?
  • Edit 30 pages a day. I want to finish this project by next Friday. It'll give me four days to go over all my comments and do research to fix individual problems I didn't address before. [This will take approximately 4 hours a day.]
  • Plan the cozy series - complete with the town history and characters - by the end of this Friday (tomorrow!).
  • Plan the short story for the anthology by the end of this Sunday - the 19th.
  • Write the short story and have it finished and edited by next Sunday - the 26th. [One week is doable.]
    • To break it down a bit, I want to write from Monday to Friday, let it sit on Saturday, and edit it on Sunday. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I want to have it written from Sunday to Wednesday and send it off to one beta reader on Thursday, get it back on Saturday, and edit on Sunday.
  • Finish reading this cozy series by Sunday - and write the remaining two reviews, of course.  
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 My guy kind of kicked me out yesterday, but it was with good intentions. He said I needed to get out of the house because I was pacing the house and saying negative stuff. So he gave me a few child-free hours to do what I wanted. 
I went to Barnes and Noble to indulge in tea and write, and it was the best thing I've done this month. 
Let me start by saying the creative process is heightened when sitting in a bookstore cafe. Just seeing all those books in print really help me be able to "see" mine alongside them. It was beautiful. 
So here's my update:
  • I went over beta notes and edited the short story for the Mental Health anthology.
  • I planned a short story for the A Stab in the Dark crime anthology. 
  • I re-read Hamlet to be able to incorporate it in the short story.
Not too shabby for two and a half hours! Hopefully, I can continue this creative surge today. 
Plans this week:
  • Edit novella for client.
  • Write the short story for A Stab in the Dark anthology - estimated 7,000 words.
  • Write the short story for Pride Park anthology - estimated 4,000 words.
  • Edit the short story for Gratitude anthology


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