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 This isn't my official goal list; that'll be posted on the first. I wanted a place to write what has been percolating in my mind lately. 
  • Write 365,000 words. [novels, novellas, short stories, info articles/blog posts, educational packets, NF books]
  • Publish [anthologies, novellas, collections]
  • Read 70 books; write reviews for all
  • Read 3 children's books to the kids per day
  • Review/beta read one chapter/story per week on Protagonize
  • Send one query letter to agent/publisher for novel
  • Weekly blog posts [Nature Cottage, Sacred Moon, CS Editing, CS Writing, storiesbycayleigh, lit journal]
  • Promote editing services; earn $10,000
  • Promote spiritual services; earn $1,000
  • Research local yoga teacher classes; choose affordable one; 2018 goal to register
  • Exercise 4X per week [yoga, pilates, weights, walking, hiking]
  • Save $3,000 in savings account
  • Establish a garden
  • Meet local friends [similar interests - homeschool, reading, writing, etc.]
*My unofficial word count goal is one million words, but I want to write at least 365K, which is 1K per day every day.
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 I almost gave up. Almost! Time flies by so quickly - especially at the end of the year! So, I was on a mission to try and remember where the heck this journal was because I completely forgot DreamWidth. I rifled through my browser history and my email (for a welcome email), and I came up empty-handed. I tried everything. Turns out, it was probably because I didn't look far back enough. What ended up working was just going through my emails one by one, and I saw the DreamWidth newsletter. Honestly? The domain name didn't even register to me, and I signed in thinking it couldn't possibly be here. Spoiler alert: It was. 

The reason I felt it was so urgent to find this was because during the last couple days, my depression has taken a nosedive. It's starting to crush me. I know I feel better when I blog and make some goals (and share them with the wo

Now that it's been ten days, here's an update! 

I managed to read two books. I'm more than halfway through the third installment of Divergent on audiobook, and I'm now reading Alice Hoffman's "Practical Magic." I wrote a story for the addiction anthology I'll be publishing later next year, too. And I planned a story for another anthology. 

Here's what I want to accomplish in the next week:
  • Write TotPK story.
  • Write ASitD story.
  • Edit story for CM.
  • Finish listening to Allegiant.
  • Finish reading Practical Magic.
  • Work on editing website. 
On Thursday, I have training for my new job. I'm not thrilled, but it'll help pay the bills. Hopefully I can stick it out for awhile. At least until I can publish some of my own novellas and novels (not to mention homeschooling supplies) and rev up the editing business, so I can bring in more income. It won't happen unless I make a goal and try, right? 

Here's to success and goals! 

(And by the way - I bookmarked this website AND jotted it down in my BuJo.)


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